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I suppose giving away an Arvo watch + Monat Dry Shampoo wasn't enough, so I decided to be apart of this giveaway for a $200 Target Gift Card! It's so easy to enter! See below.

Prize: $200 Target Gift Card
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Ringing in the New Hair!!

I've got some BIG goals for 2017, one of them includes giving more! My 2017 word of the year is "GIVE", which is what inspired me to begin donating 50% of my income from Monat to Utah Foster Care. So in order to kick off my year of giving, I wanted to give something back to one of you!

So I'm giving away an Arvo Watch + Monat Dry Shampoo!! Valued at $114 you guys, this is a BIG giveaway! So be sure to enter by using the Rafflecopter below.

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See ya later 2016!

This is our 4th Christmas together, and we have never sent out Christmas Cards. I think it's just not our style, but I figured a nice post to tie up the loose ends of 2016 might be nice. And actually, I typed up a really nice post detailing our entire year, but my computer lost it all. :( So now, you get the Spark Notes version.

Here are a few of our 2016 highlights...

- I left my job at Independence University to work for Entheos Academy, a charter school in Magna

- We went to Moab with some of Colten's family and had a blast at Arches National Park

- We went to Disney on Ice with my family

- We had so much fun camping in Moab that we bought our first trailer together

- We went on many temple trips to various temples

- We went to a Jazz game with my sister and brother in law

- We babysat my nephew overnight in March, he's a cutie

- We bought a truck and sold our Kia Rio

- We took my family to a blogger tubing event at Gorgoza

- We attended our first presidential caucus meeting

- We went camping at Antelope Island with my brother and sister in law

- We went to a blogger event to see "The Abolitionists" and I joined the Rescue Run 5k blogger outreach team which raised over 5K for Operation Underground Railroad

- We went camping again at Ledgefork Campground

- We took a friend trip to my grandparents cabin in Island Park, Idaho

- I went with my Mom and little brothers to Disneyland in July

- I applied for and received a promotion at work and became the Reading Intervention Coordinator, a job I loved

- We celebrated our 3rd anniversary and Colten surprised me with an overnight stay at 5th East Hall in American Fork. We stayed in the Maui room and it was gorgeous

- We visited my father in laws cabin and slept in our trailer

- Together we made the tough decision to sell our Magna home and we moved to Ogden

- In October, Colten graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Accounting

- At the end of October I started a shampoo side gig and started selling the most amazing hair care line I've ever used

- In November, out of the blue my Dad offered Colten a job at his payroll and accounting company which he said yes to and has been loving

- We took a last minute trip to Disneyland at the beginning of December and had a blast

- I secured a spot at a salon and will start working there in January

- We finished our 36 hours of Foster Care classes and we just have a few more steps to licensure

We had a busy year, but lots of good things happened. And we are so excited to see what 2017 holds!

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The Awful Detox... And the Amazing Results When You Push Through

As I started my Monat business, I paid for a whole bunch of sample sets so I could get them into the hands of potential Monat lovers and show them what Monat could do for their hair! I sent well over 50 samples via mail at my own expense because I believe in these products that much.

I started getting responses of people who LOVED their sample experience. Their hair was shiny, it was softer, they were able to go 2 days without washing their hair instead of daily washing, and some noticed additional volume! I was so excited to see that people were getting the same experience I was. Whether or not you buy, I just wanted them to have a good experience so they could understand why I'm so passionate.

Then came the opposite responses...

"My hair feels SO greasy..."

"I had to re-wash my hair because it felt disgusting...."

"My hair felt so dry I had to use twice as much product just to make it look okay..."

"My scalp was flaking so bad after I styled my hair..."

"My scalp was itchy..."

GUESS WHAT!? This is all due to a nasty yet amazing process called Detox. In my own experience with clients, about 3/10 have a detox experience making their hair seem worse at first before getting to the "magical" results they expect. The other 70% experience the amazing benefits of Monat with their first wash. 

Have you heard of people who go through a sugar detox? Or when they give up smoking, or alcohol and their body has to go through a detox? Maybe not on the same level, but that's what your hair does.

Over time, the waxes, silicones, phthalates, sulfates, and parabens from other products create a coating on our hair, which masks the true condition of our hair. Monat's botanically-based ingredients remove the build up on our hair strands and in our hair follicles. 

Men (and sometimes womens) may experience itchiness or flakiness due to years of styling products going on short hair and building up on the scalp. Monat will dissolve that build-up and clean out the follicles. Many of those follicles stop producing hair because they are so blocked by the waxes, silicones and other crap in them. That's why in our clinical trials, 46% of Monat users reported increased hair growth and 70% reported increased in repair effect improving hair anchoring. 

For women who experience detox, the biggest complaint is that their hair feels "heavy" for a few shampoos, getting oily quickly, or having tangly ends. This is normal, in fact, it is even good and it will pass. This means Monat is doing what it is supposed to do. Heavy hair means it is cleaning out your follicles, oily hair means the follicles have unclogged and have come back to life, tangly ends means build up of silicones and waxes are starting to dissolve. 

The detox generally only lasts a couple of shampoos! Seriously. STICK IT OUT. The results will be so worth it!!!

In my experience Pantene, Herbal Essence and Suave users detox the very worst. Up to a couple of weeks. Although I have heard of a rare case or two of it lasting longer. The detox is so worth it you guys. All it's doing is cleaning all the CRAP off our hair and allowing Monat to start to infuse your hair with health.

Personally my hair looked so much better after one wash, but it didn't FEEL better. It was sticky and tangly. After that initial wash, I didn't have that problem anymore. So my detox was really short, mostly because I was using professional grade products. Professional products tend to have less waxes, so the detox is less, but it can still happen. 

My hair is amazing now. I get so many compliments on the shine. Many people have asked what I'm doing different with my hair... it's Monat!! 

I'll do another post soon on how to get through detox faster, but feel free to email me and I will send some tips! Send any questions to... 

To order products, you can visit my website: 
Or email me and I can help you place your order (the website is honestly not the best!): 

Let's push through detox and get the best hair of our lives!

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My Favorite Monat Products

I already shared that I have begun working with a new naturally-based anti-aging haircare company called Monat.  I thought I had written an entire post about it, but I went to look for it and can't find it... hmmm... I'm definitely going crazy. 

My journey with Monat has been amazing so far. I intially joined for the discount and now I have my own little shampoo side gig where I simply share products I love!

I have tried every single product from Monat and truly have loved them all, but today I wanted to share my top 3 favorite products!

This deep conditioning treatment helps increase hair brilliance, moisture, strength and adds incredible softness and shine to your hair. You can use this as a weekly treatment or as your daily conditioner. I'm obsessed with how soft my hair is after I use this, and so is my husband ;) 

We've all see hair, skin, and nail vitamins but this one is my favorite so far. It contains a Monat proprietary blend that provides nutrition for your hair using naturally-based products and no drugs. The pills were clinically tested and showed that 64% of participants showed regrowth between 10%-35% AND 27% had 50%+ hair regrowth. So.... yeah, does your HSN pill have clinical results like that?! My hair grows like a week on this and so do my eyelashes and nails, it is amazing!

This is my number one best seller! I've tried so many dry shampoos and this one beats them all by a long shot. It sprays out clear so it is great for every hair type and is made from Rice Starch which helps to "soak up" the oils in our hair and make it look like it has been freshly washed! I can use it multiple days in a row without feeling sticky. It also contains our Rejuveniqe oil which provides moisture and shine. There's a reason it's my #1 selling product!

So how do you purchase? Because I know by now you want it all ;) There are 3 ways. You can purchase as a retail customer, you can purchase as a VIP for a 15% discount + free product, or you an join as a Market Partner for an even DEEPER discount and the opportunity to have your own shampoo side gig! Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you have, I'd be happy to make recommendations and figure out the best fit for you so you can have the best hair of your life.

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Current Products I Love

I am a product junkie. I really enjoy trying the latest and greatest beauty products and am always on the lookout for that HOLY GRAIL product that is going to change my life. I haven't found very many products that I'm willing to repurchase because I loved them so much, but I figured I'd share a few I love! 

This is a new brand I discovered while at Disneyland last week. I bought every single face mask they had because I am obsessed with face masks! I really love them all so far, but I think the Dead Sea Mud Mask is my favorite. The powdered face masks are super cool because it gives recommendations on what to mix them with based on your skin type. Dry (olive oil, cream). Oily (witch hazel, tomato juice). Normal (milk). Or you can always use water! 

I got a few other products from them as well including a Coconut Mango body spread, Handy-tizer (which smells AMAZING!), and a peppermint roll on essential oil for my purse (because headaches). I seriously love all of their stuff! Most of their items are 98%+ natural so I can totally get behind that as well. 

Jane Iredale Tantasia (aff)

It's getting to be that time of year where I am sick of being so pale. My husband tells me that all princesses have "fair" skin so I should just leave it but... I'm influenced by worldly standards and like tan skin. Do you know how tempting free tanning is at my local fitness center!? But I don't want skin cancer, so self-tanner it is.

The Jane Iredale Tantasia is amazing! It's my favorite self-tanner I've tried so far. It gives a good color in one use but can also be applied daily-weekly for continued or deepened color.

Dermalogica Products (aff links)

I tried some of the Dermalogica line while in hair school a couple of years ago, I loved it, but I didn't love the price tag. So I didn't really ever purchase it until recently. And I LOVE IT. A little goes a long way so the products last forever! I have been using the Essential Cleansing Solution and Intensive Moisture Balance. They are both great for dry/acne prone skin, which is such a hard combo to get skin care for.

I seriously love all their products like their masks and exfoliators. Great stuff you guys.

Monat Rejuveniqe Oil

I recently joined Monat after falling in love with the products, and here I am now using all of them! I am obsessed with the Rejuveniqe Oil. I am so used to using oils that are full of damaging silicones and waxes and Rejuveniqe is PURE OIL. Like, it's made up of 15 oils from around the world. And that's all. No other ingredients except oils!

It can be used for scalp treatments for psoriasis, dry/itchy scalp and to help regenerate hair growth. It can be used as a facial moisturizer (I love to add it to face masks like the ones above!) and you can use it as a deep conditioning treatment by adding to conditioner in the shower. There are seriously 101 uses for it and it's no wonder I'm obsessed!

What beauty products have you been loving lately?
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